New Oceangrant Blog

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This will be the first post on my new Oceangrant blog. There is a feature in my new PhotoShelter account that pulls in this WordPress feed. Interestingly, it doesn’t pull in the first post (maybe it considers the first post to be a test post)? So this will be my first post, with more interesting and eloquent posts and lots of photos to follow. As I understand it this will not be pulled into the feed on my PhotoShelter site, but I will post a manatee photograph just as a “feel-good” gesture. Oddly, it is how I feel after setting up all this stuff!  Best, Carol

Sometimes Computer Programs Make Us All Topsy-TurvyFlorida manatee, Trichechus manatus latirostris, a subspecies of the West Indian manatee, endangered. A manatee rests normally and one decides to rest upside down on its back near submerged tree roots. Fish, bream, Lepomis spp, are present as is a Florida largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides floridanus, in the warm blue freshwater. Horizontal orientation, relaxed, peaceful and humorous. Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, Kings Bay, Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida USA. (Carol Grant)