January Manatees Times Seven

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Hello! I’ve been busy observing manatees this unique January 2016! I say unique because it’s sometimes been sunny and mild, other times very cold and extremely windy. That is a peak time for manatees to seek refuge! After a very warm December, January has turned out to be rather cold and the weather quite volatile. Despite any obstacles I have been in the water to chronicle the lives of our beloved sirenians – as I do every January, although this January it is harder to encounter decent underwater photographic conditions. In these seven examples I have succeeded in different aspects of photographing what I’m interested in and trying new things. There is a “Challenge on Nature Photography” going on right now across Facebook. Usually folks nominate a new person each day. I was nominated, so instead of posting new images for seven days on Facebook, I’m putting seven here and linking to #challengeonnaturephotography.

Without further ado – here’s seven examples of what me and the manatees have been up to this month:

#1 – Mother and Calf Display Affection and Bask In Sun Rays. Wed. January 20th.Manatee_mom_calf_20Jan-2609

Due to cold weather and large numbers of manatees, Three Sisters Springs has been closed sometimes, but open others. Continue reading

Blue Meets The Manatees

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He journeyed across land and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Crocheted by loving hands, he was imbued with a type of life-force that exuded compassion and kindness. I named him “Blue”…

To celebrate the new highest-ever manatee count released today, January 15, 2016, of 1,042 manatees in the Kings Bay, Crystal River and Homosassa Springs areas, here’s a story about this adventurous crocheted little siren, Blue ?. I’ll also attach today’s press release and two recent photos from this week when they were conducting the aerial manatee counts.

Safely Enconsed In His Diving Bell, Blue Meets His Young Manatee Cousin Out Front Of Three Sisters Springs. January 2014.

A Few Days Ago On Monday, January 11, 2016, A Young Manatee Calf Swims Back Into Three Sisters Springs (the day before the recent record aerial manatee counts). Blue Is Proud!

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Hello 2016!

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Hello 2016! As this first day of the brand new year draws to a close, my thoughts harken back to some of my favorite manatee moments of this year just past, 2015. I assembled this collage of special moments covering early and later months in 2015.

Memorable Manatee Moments–Jan. to Dec. 20152015_Fav_manatees-1K2

A manatee says, “Hello” to me on my birthday, my husband and a good friend each experience a special moment with adoring manatees, and the beauty of the springs provides a fitting frame for these captivating marine mammals. This is merely a small sample of cherished memories throughout 2015. Continue reading