International Manatee Day

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Manatee mom calf,Carol Grant,(c),

Today, September 7th is International Manatee Day. We celebrate not only the Florida manatee, but all other manatee and dugong species around the world!
I made this manatee blog site here a secure https: website today, so I feel a lot better about writing more and sharing links to this site.

This is a quick post to test out my new secure site and to celebrate the close of International Manatee Day., a wonderful underwater photography resource site that I’ve been a member of for over 17 years did a Full-Frame selection of my manatee photographs a few years ago. Check it out. It’s a wonderful way to get familiar with some of our Florida manatee stars!

WetPixel—Manatees–Sirens of Crystal River

Much more to come including a lot more lovely broadcast quality 4K manatee videos!

Best, Carol