Manatee Sleeps With The Fishes

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Movies often evoke dramatic thoughts and pictures, even years later. Such is the case when I saw the movie “The Godfather”. In a suspenseful moment, after Sal Tessio retrieved a package including a fish, Clemenza says , “It’s a Sicilian message. It means Luca Brasi sleeps with the fishes.” I must admit I got chills when I first saw it and I never forgot that scene. But now something’s changed and I can’t quite conjure up the drama connected with that scene. Why, you ask? I think this photograph will explain why…

Manatee Sleeps With The Fishes — January 10, 2014Florida manatee, Trichechus manatus latirostris, a subspecies of the West Indian manatee, endangered. An adult manatee rests on its back in the warm freshwater. Fish, bream, Lepomis spp. surround the resting male manatee. Verticle orientation with sun rays. Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, Kings Bay, Crystal River, Citrus County, Florida USA. (Carol Grant)

Manatees “sleep with fishes” and they do seem to enjoy it so!

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Memorable Manatee Moments 2013

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Happy 2014! May it be a great year for man and manatees!

It’s heartwarming to look back on some of my most memorable manatee moments of the past year. Even though 2013 saw the highest manatee mortality statistics ever recorded, the manatee population that frequents the Crystal and Homosassa rivers is doing well. Although every manatee encounter is special, here are some from 2013 that I think you will enjoy as I did.

Visit Citrus Cover Manatee

Let me start with a manatee who reached out to the viewer enough to be selected for my second cover for the wonderful and informative Visit Citrus Visitors Guide. I took this photograph in March 2013 when manatees lingered in the clear water of the springs. Many times manatees spread out to feed and socialize by the end of February and in some years it is hard to find them around the springs regularly in March. However in March 2013 we were unexpectedly treated to a lot of sightings and activity! This manatee was quite curious and looks like he really wanted a cover shot — don’t you think so?

Manatee Cover Photograph by Carol Grant, Visit Citrus Visitors Guide



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