Happy Holidays from Carol and Manatees

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Happy Holidays 2017! I wish everyone a fun and joyous time with relatives and friends! A few days ago this sweet mother manatee and her calf swam up behind me. It was quite the seasonal surprise! Of course the charismatic pair got dibs to be featured on our holiday E-Card:

HOLIDAY GREETINGS!Happy Holidays,©Carol Grant,2017,manatees

We have had odd weather lately, either too hot or too cool and not much in-between, On  December 19th I visited the springs when it wasn’t too warm or too cold. Here is another sirenian visitor who seems to be in the curious holiday spirit.

Another Welcomed Manatee Visitor Full of Holiday Cheer! December 19, 2017Xmas 2017,manatees,©Carol Grant,

For years now I’ve put together a short printed summary of our adventures and activities for the year. Here is a screenshot:


Happy Holidays,Carol Grant,2017,manatees

Yes, I’m cooking a Christmas turkey! I have a lot to do to get everything ready to welcome company and Mr. St Nick!

I wish everyone a Happy Holidays and glorious New Year!

Best Wishes, Carol