Birthday Manatees and Friends

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Tradition…, yes it applies to my time observing manatees in our lovely springs, especially on my Birthday!

A few of the photos taken on my Bdays from: 2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018Manatees,my Bday,

Even though this last Bday on Feb 11th was unseasonably hot, we were still excited to see several manatees

My buddy Nikki celebrating with me in-between manatee sightings. Three Sisters Springs, Feb. 11, 2018Three Sisters Springs,Bday celebrate, buddy

An adult manatee swims towards my buddy floating on the surface. Three Sisters Springs, Feb. 11, 2018Three Sisters Springs,manatee,swimmermanatee, buddy,Three Sisters Springs,

A mother manatee swims her calf into the springs. As warm as it was, we still got to see a mom and baby manatee! Happy Birthday! Three Sisters Springs, Feb. 11, 2018Three Sisters Springs,mother manatee and calf,

And we say farewell to the final manatee in the springs. Manatees leave the springs when more food-rich water elsewhere is warmer. Three Sisters Springs, Feb. 11, 2018Three Sisters Springs,manatee,exits,Three Sisters Springs,manatee,exit,

I enjoyed Nikki’s company, so while waiting for glimpses of our sirenian friends, we took some pics in the lovely water of the springs.

It’s nice to have a buddy to photo underwater when manatees are tardy and even better when there is rainbow kissed light! Three Sisters Springs, Feb. 11, 2018snorkel buddy, rainbows,Three Sisters Springs,Three Sisters Springs,buddy,

I was supposed to augment my Bday with several dives around the Florida springs and even more manatees. Unfortunately, seven days before I was visited my Mr. Flu. Ugh! Fortunately I already had a flu shot as I do every year and I went to the Dr. immediately. Since I went as soon as I experienced symptoms the Tamiflu they gave me worked very well and I was diving the Rainbow River with friends five days later!

I felt so blessed to dive over the stunning underwater river grasses at Rainbow River. Just to think, the flu almost had me and I would have missed this… Rainbow River, Feb. 9, 2018Rainbow River,aquatic grasses, current,

Sunfish and eelgrass. Rainbow River, Feb. 9, 2018sunfish, aquatic grasses,Rainbow River,dive,

I love the different textures of aquatic plant life at Rainbow River. Feb. 9, 2018

For those who have dove or snorkeled Rainbow River, remember this submerged palm trunk used to navigate by? Many years ago I did my scuba dive #3 here at Rainbow River and this trunk was in the exact same spot!rainbow river, underwater,submerged tree,

It you have never experienced Rainbow River I urge you to do so! Rainbow River, Feb. 9, 2018Rainbow River,aquatic grasses, current

To top the special day off we went out to dinner at Thai Phoon in Crystal River. I love Thai! And I love having a sweet VIP, Isa, wishing me a Happy Birthday! Alex Mustard and daughter, Isa, Thai Phoon, Crystal River, Florida,  Feb. 11 2018

So, yet another successful Birthday with manatees and friends! Thank you all my friends and to everyone who wished me well. It made the day special. And I didn’t let the flu get me, Yay!

It is unseasonably warm right now but as soon as things cool again a bit I’ll be back to check on the manatees in the mesmerizing springs.

Best to all of you, Carol

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