Manatees on Halloween and DEMA

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Manatees for Halloween? As it turns out it’s not spooky at all… I love seeing my sirenian friends on Halloween – no costumes required! Then I packed up right away and headed off to DEMA (Dive Equipment and Marketing Association) convention in Orlando, relaying tales of the Halloween manatees!

Mom brought her young male calf into the springs for Halloween! October 31, 2017manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

Last time I saw manatees on Halloween was in 2012 and it resulted in this magazine cover:

Photograph of gal manatee leaning on her BFF was taken on another Halloween, October 31, 2012.

Of course I was thrilled to see the manatees grace the springs again on October 31, 2017. Many years it is too warm, but this year we had a couple of quick shots of cooler whether right before Halloween. The manatees graced us with their presence. I observed eight back in Three Sisters Springs that day.

This curious manatee seemed to be asking me if I was going as an underwater photographer for Halloween? October 31, 2017manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

The manatee seemed to be checking out my appearance very intently…manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

And enthusiastically approved!manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

For me, the real thrill was when this mother manatee swam in with her young male calf. Here’s video of the thrilling moment:

Glimpses of mother manatee attentively guiding her baby around the springs never grow old! Especially when it is my first manatee mother and baby sighting of the season! I wasn’t even sure I’d see a number of manatees, yet alone such a cute mother and calf

The mother manatee guides her young calf around the springs. Patterns of sunlight rays dance on their backs. October 31, 2017.manatees,©Carol Grant,

Mother and baby manatees are in sync!manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

A lucky snorkeler gets a photograph of our Halloween visitors.manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

Early in the season mother manatees like to familiarize their little ones with the warm springs where they will spend much of the cool winter.manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

The little manatee is staying right by his mom, but can’t resist a quick peek at me.manatees,Halloween,springs,©Carol Grant,

That’s a taste of an eventful Halloween populated with manatees. Right after this I packed up quickly and headed off to DEMA (Dive Equipment and Marketing Association) convention in Orlando. I go to check out new equipment and hook up with dear friends and fellow photographers. Here I am (in red) with three other wonderful lady underwater photographers.

DEMA, Thursday, November 2, 2017 – L to R: Ellen Cuylaerts, Allison Vitsky, myself Carol Grant, Kerri Bingham

The DEMA convention is a subject for its own post, but if you want to know more I think WetPixel has the best show coverage…, at least as far as underwater photography and party pics are concerned! Here’s their Thursday night party slideshow:

And link to additional show reports:

WetPixel DEMA Show Report

How was your Halloween? I hope it was awesome! And I hope you enjoyed a look into how the manatees spend Halloween when they decide to appear at the springs.

Best, Carol