Manatee Selfies

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Selfies…, well we used to call them self-portraits, but now it seems they have taken on a viral life of their own! Those who know me realize I’m always very focused on making the most of my time photographing manatees in Florida’s striking springs. I know I’m a bit light on photographs of myself as it’s not an area I put much attention on. Mainly I want compelling photographs of Florida manatees, the lovely springs, and polite passive observation of our Sirenian friends. Therefore, I often forget that some people would like to see pictures of me in the springs.

Periodically I do get requests, usually from magazines, for a photograph of myself underwater with a manatee. I didn’t have much in my archives, so I took up the new challenge! These three “selfies” are just the beginning of what turned out to be numerous photos from this day, the tip of the iceberg so to speak. I donned a more flattering mask than my usual black non-photogenic one I always wear. Then I really hoped there would be an interested manatee who wanted to be in the frame with me. It turned out I got much much more than I bargained for!? 

Manatees are curious about what Carol was up to? My vision was to include as much of the beauty of the springs, the striking light, lovely blue sky and engaging manatees in my self-portraits. I wanted to show what it is like to be underwater and photograph these unique marine mammals. February 2017.manatees,selfie,Carol Grant,springs,underwater

Since I’ve got several manatee projects on-going, I’ll include just three photographs from this experiment. The self-portrait showcase will continue after I get caught up.

Currently, another selection of some of my manatee photographs is being published, coming out in April. Plus I’m working on another important project to promote polite passive observation of manatees in the springs. These things coupled with the possibility that I may be able to see manatees again this season, means I’m pretty swamped. But these manatees here just couldn’t wait…

Carol Grant having a personal moment with a manatee. This is what I do! It’s kind of telepathic… Look how beautiful Three Sisters Springs is!  February 2017.manatee,Carol Grant,selfie,curious,underwater

Friskiness prevailed for much of the day! Here a male manatee is checking out a female. This behavior happens periodically. It’s unpredictable though, as it is up to the manatees when they get amorous. I’ll tell you framing cavorting manatees without looking through the viewfinder is quite a trick! February 2017.manatee,selfie,Carol Grant,frisky manatee,

And this is just the beginning…! More to come…!

Thanks for taking an interest in our beloved manatees!

Best, Carol