Manatee Advice for the New Year

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Happy New Year! May 2017 be filled with happiness while flourishing and prospering!?

Manatees know a thing or two about New Years, prosperity and all! In fact I put together this video chronicling some wise manatee advice for the upcoming year, 2017. This is all manatee footage from my recent sojourns to the springs in December 2016, so the sage wisdom is current and up-to-date! Here’s the “Happy New Year’s Advice from the Manatees” on Vimeo:

2016 was chocked-full of exciting events for us! There’s too much to summarize in this post, so here’s our “Holiday Greetings from the Grants 2016”

Holiday Greeting From The Grants 2016

Last, there is definitely a bit of “Auld Lang Syne”. My last blog post was about the changes in the lovely Three Sisters Springs. Here it is if you didn’t see my previous post about the restoration: Three Sisters Springs: First Day Open After Restoration.

In light of the dramatic reshaping of the springs, more than manatees have been affected. Not to worry, though! Our springs’ residents are nothing if not resilient!  On December 3, 2016, I was thrilled to happen upon the snapping turtle I refer to as “King of the Springs”! Even though the restoration efforts filled in his habitat where he spent a lot of time and entered / exited the springs in search of love and adventure, “King” is a survivor! Far from sulking and being miffed about the dismantling of his home, he has found new ways of coming and going. I first met King over 16 years ago and he’s still kicking! Wow! Sporting distinctive scars, King has been documented over the years fiercely fighting and also being quite the Casanova❤️! Here he is and I’m looking forward to more of King’s “Survivor” adventures soon. The sighting is definitely, a touch of “Auld Lang Syne”.

King of the Springs! A Snapping Turtle Old Friend.

He Could Star in His Own Survivor Series!

Again, Happy 2017! The manatees’ advices are words to live by!

Best, Carol