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Ahhhh new beginnings, the hopeful feeling carries over into my new underwater photography website and blog that I’ve been working on — very diligently. Manatees, manatees and more manatees, the new Oceangrant site starts off with nearly 700 quality photographs, the vast majority focused on our charismatic sirenian the Florida manatee. And I have more manatee photographs to add! I believe this is the largest and best quality collection of diverse and rare images of the Florida manatee around.

PhotoShelter is the service I was interested in using for my redesigned site, and then came the release of their new cutting-edge BEAM templates. I was impressed and chose the new Shuffle design as the best way to display my varied collection of manatee images. Each of the new BEAM templates are cool in their own right, but Shuffle fascinated me with the Portfolio page that can be focused on your website visitor’s needs and interests. I have my Portfolio page divided into five categories that draw from five photo galleries out of my 14+ galleries. It’s intuitive and the structure can be picked up by playing around with it.

Here is how my new manatee portfolio page is set up: First, load time on (or if one finds their web address for my site) is very fast for so many photos, sized for whatever device is being used. Next, clicking on ALL pulls images from each of my featured manatee galleries. It loads them in sequence, e.g., one image from first gallery featured, one image from second, and on and on. ALL quickly displays the most diverse collection, beautifully, on any screen. Note: BEAM is still in beta so I’ve notice some bugs, especially on iPhones, but those are being worked on and the issues are disappearing systematically. Here’s a computer desktop screen shot and one from my iPad of my ALL selection. (Carol Grant) (Carol Grant)


Clicking on MANATEE LOVE pulls images from that gallery, at first it loads 10 images but then you can click load more and load all you want. Here’s a desktop screenshot of my portfolio page and one from my iPad focused on manatee affection: (Carol Grant)  (Carol Grant)


Logically after MANATEE LOVE is MANATEE KIDS. Clicking on that title gives this focused overview of my best manatee calves, desktop screenshot and one from my iPad: (Carol Grant)  (Carol Grant)


MANATEE CLASSICS from my photographs is just that. Here’s the screenshot from my desktop and one from the iPad: (Carol Grant)  (Carol Grant)


Focusing on MANATEE PORTRAITS next, here’s what the portfolio page looks like now as a screenshot from my desktop then one from my iPad: (Carol Grant)  (Carol Grant)


OVER / UNDER is my last category and since these images are very striking, popular and unusual, I’m excited to see a whole page of split-level images, desktop screenshot first, iPad second: (Carol Grant)  (Carol Grant)


After perusing my manatee portfolio page a visitor can navigate to all of my 14+ photo galleries, browse, read accurate and descriptive photo captions and see print and download licensing information. Thanks for showing interest in my new revamped site! Please let me know how you like it — any feedback is greatly appreciated! Best, Carol Grant

2 thoughts on “New Oceangrant Website!

  1. Hey Carol,

    Chris from PhotoShelter here. Thanks for the lovely post and GORGEOUS photos (everyone in the office is going nuts over them). Keep up the stellar work and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you ever need anything!


    Chris (and the entire PhotoShelter team)

    • Thanks Chris! I’m at DEMA Orlando dive trade show currently and I will be showing everyone the site on my iPad. There’s a lot of interest in the BEAM templates as Eric Cheng used Shuffle also, and now me too in a different setup (of course it’s not all about BEAM as there are a lot of cute manatee youngsters looking back at you – they’re my thing… ;-)…) Best Carol

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