Manatee Print Proofs

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Taking lovely manatee photographs is one thing—making sure they are represented properly on a client’s wall is another. I just received four print proofs from West Coast Imaging and they are absolutely gorgeous! From time to time I’ve had hurdles with labs duplicating the Florida spring’s unique blues and cyans correctly. West Coast Imaging’s duplication of my files is as near perfect as it can be and I’m looking forward to a long relationship!

Manatee Print Proofs

iPhone pic of Manatee Print Proofs from West Coast Imaging. Phone doesn’t do them justice as they are quite stunning. Best prints I’ve ever ordered!

This is merely a quick iPhone photograph of the proofs, but you get the idea.

I’m so excited soon to be offering a wide variety of my prints on my site, with secure purchasing through PhotoShelter. Of course if you need anything before then please drop me a line at At the moment I’m quoting a 36 inch canvas of kissing manatees for a special wedding present!

I will let everyone know when all the prints, prices, etc., are up and running!

Best, Carol

P.S. – Thank you all of my manatee blog followers for waiting for updates from me while I was in Europe unexpectedly for three weeks. I came back with something intriguing that relates to manatees!