Hello 2016!

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Hello 2016! As this first day of the brand new year draws to a close, my thoughts harken back to some of my favorite manatee moments of this year just past, 2015. I assembled this collage of special moments covering early and later months in 2015.

Memorable Manatee Moments–Jan. to Dec. 20152015_Fav_manatees-1K2

A manatee says, “Hello” to me on my birthday, my husband and a good friend each experience a special moment with adoring manatees, and the beauty of the springs provides a fitting frame for these captivating marine mammals. This is merely a small sample of cherished memories throughout 2015. All these photographs were taken in or around Three Sisters Springs in the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. While these are not the only springs in which to observe manatees nearby, this is by far my most beloved spot to politely chronicle their sirenian antics!

I picked a group of images here to show there is still a lot of opportunity for manatee encounters in the natural springs that is the manatee’s winter retreat. Yes, because of the clear water site’s popularity, some new areas have been cordoned off for manatee use only. This occurred back in March 2015 and everyone has had to respect the new manatee-only areas, myself included. Although since my manatee photo collage spans January through December 2015, you can see there are still areas where the magic of the springs and its glorious light can still be experienced! This I am thankful for!

So goodbye 2015 and Hello 2016! I am expecting new, exciting and surprising underwater adventures in this brand-spanking new year!

Happy New Year!

Best, Carol