Happy 2019 to Manatees and Mankind

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2019 is upon us, both ourselves and our close neighbors, the Florida manatees. It’s at this time I’ll look back at a few highlights of 2018 and look forward to new adventures in 2019!

Now 2018 wasn’t all about adorable manatees (although they are certainly unforgettable). My awarded photograph of a manatee and snapper is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C. till September 2019. The Nature’s Best Photography exhibition is inspiring, be sure to see it!

Such an honor to be included at the Smithsonian Exhibition! And it was during November which is Manatee Awareness Month in Florida!

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History’s main hall was stunning! The projected images moved! I think Henry, the African elephant, was groovin’ with some of his fellow “countrymen” showcased! ©️Nature’s Best Photography 2018

We were honored to have Robert and Terri Irwin speak at the Nature’s Best Event on November 15th. Robert was awarded for a beautiful image of a single tundra swan. Also, Robert expressed in his acceptance speech how he liked this photography competition because it’s focused on conservation. While we were waiting for our interviews at the Smithsonian Channel both Robert and Terri expressed to us how much they liked my manatee. Then Terri related a funny story of when Steve Irwin met a manatee in Florida.

Terri Irwin talking about Steve Irwin’s legacy of conservation. ©️Nature’s Best Photography 2018

I had to get a picture by Robert’s lovely tundra swan!

Robert Irwin liked the manatee…, a lot! Thanks!

2018 wasn’t devoid of memorable manatee moments underwater either. Here are a few of the manatee acquaintances I made in 2018:

Male and female manatee snout snuggles. One of my favs from 2018 as manatees cavorting always fill me with joy! Taken in Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, Florida on March 5, 2018.

Manatee calf follows mom around the springs. The water and sky must be totally clear, calm and bright to take these split-level photographs. Mom and baby in the beautiful springs makes it a favorite. Taken on March 22, 2018.

Natural sunlight highlights a manatee’s seemingly carefree swim. One needs clear water for compelling natural light showing off relaxed natural manatee behavior in underwater photographs. That’s why I love this example so much. March 22, 2018.

Another crystal clear water over-under image showing the beauty of manatees in their beautiful springs habitat. Usually by March 22, manatees have left for warmer more food rich waters. But we were treated to late-season manatees in clear water in 2018!

Although, one doesn’t always need crystal clear water to catch endearing and compelling manatee behaviors! This photograph was taken in the canals around Crystal River on December 10, 2018. There were manatees everywhere!

And I can’t forget cutie-pie “Pig-Pen” the manatee calf who liked to dig in the silt! December 5, 2018.

Another favorite calf was rolly-poly super fat curious “Amigo” on November 27, 2018.

As of November 2018, a manatee split-level image of mine greets every rider on the Three Sisters Springs Trolley!

And here’s my Instagram Best Nine. Click collage if you want to see my @carolgrantinsta Instagram. All manatees (is that a surprise)? 😉

Thank you to the many fascinating, talented and inspiring people I’ve met this year! I sincerely hope everyone  enjoys our beautiful earth and it’s inhabitants, engages in new adventures and has the best ever year in 2019!

Best, Carol