Manatee Prints

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Manatees – they are charismatic, enthralling, and undeniably cute marine mammals! Added to this, the beauty of their warm winter springs home is unparalleled. All this equals the possibility of stunning underwater prints to enjoy!

Carol Signing a 24X30 Manatee Print

Manatee print, Carol Grant, signing

I did a lot of research and spent a lot of time trying out different printers. That is why it has taken me some time to get my manatee print sales set up. Underwater photographs can Continue reading

Protective Manatee Moms

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Manatee mother and calf bonds are one of the strongest bonds of all underwater marine mammals. Often this equates to a touching sight of mom tucking baby under her ample tail fluke and steering the little one around in safety.

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Manatee Buzz — About Carol Grant

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The new manatee cover photograph for Alert Diver Magazine, photographer of the week on Dive Photo Guide and the results of testing out the new Xperia phone for Sony underwater; all this has resulted in a lot of recent “buzz” about my manatee photographs. I thought I’d shed a little more light on myself and what I do.

Of course, all this is in addition to the comprehensive collection of manatee images on my own website:

Selfie — Carol Grant Waiting For Manatees On A Cold MorningThree Sisters Springs,Selfie,Carol Grant,Florida


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Speaking Manatee — DEMA 2013

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Every year dive professionals from all over the world converge at the annual Dive Equipment & Marketing Association (DEMA) show, held on alternate years, in Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada. The breadth and diversity of the show would take hours to report, so I’ll focus in on one thing “speaking manatee”.

Manatee Glass Charm Worn by Carol to Get The Conversation Started

Manatee charm worn by Carol Grant at DEMA 2013

My first point of contact was someone I met through social media. Facebook has the potential to link like-minds that may not normally ever meet, through the communication channel of cyberspace. Bernie Campoli is a historical diver and is part of the group of sea heroes I dreamed of meeting, years ago. Come to find out Bernie also helped with research projects on the Florida manatee in the 1980s. This is Bernie’s photograph on this classic manatee poster:

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