Polite and Sexy Manatee Buzz

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People.com recently posted “The Sexiest Manatees Alive”. You couple that with some great new manatee viewing data, along with my photographs on the VisitCitrus.com site, and a post is in order! I know I said my next post would be about recently arrived manatees, but while I consult with researchers about an unusual behavior I witnessed, here’s some fun manatee buzz!

People.com “Sexiest Manatees Alive!” iPhone Screenshot. Photo by Carol Grant

My manatee photo, sexy manatee, People.com, Carol Grant

Honestly, let’s give “Little Boy Blue Manatee” a break here. He was a documented orphan I photographed nursing off at least two different females in 2010! Due to his rotund appearance it was concluded he was adopted and doing great. He’s a boy…, he didn’t stick it out…, he just has a lot down there… and he’s proud of it! Who knew People.com would notice for their “sexy manatee” post? Here’s the actual photograph:

Little Boy Blue Manatee Floats Over A Warm Spring in January 2010

Manatees,Three Sisters Springs, Florida

Visit Citrus has also put together an updated website showcasing how to politely observe manatees. Many of my photographs are used. 

iPhone Screenshot VisitCitrus.com Meet A Manatee. Photos by Carol Grant

VisitCitrus.com, meet a manatee, screenshot, photos by Carol Grant,

If you look closely at my split-level photograph of the baby manatee and the red kayak, you see this father’s baby girl sleeping. Tug at my heart strings won’t you! A baby manatee and a sweet baby girl with her father…, isn’t that what Three Sisters Springs is all about? Here is the original photograph:

Father And His Sleeping Daughter With Baby Manatee In The Peaceful Three Sisters Springs

Baby manatee, kayak, father & daughter

Screenshot “Manatee Manners” VisitCitrus.com With Video

Visit Citrus, screenshot, manatee manners, photos Carol Grant,

Original Photograph With A Very Polite Cora And Manatee In Magical Springs Light!

Florida manatee, snorkeler, float, passive observation

VisitCitrus.com “Thrill Of A Lifetime” Meet A Manatee iPhone Screenshot

VisitCitrus.com, screenshot, meet a manatee, thrill of a lifetime, photos by Carol Grant,

 Another Of The Original Photographs Used. Cora Observes A Manatee Politely While Floating At The Surface Of Three Sisters Springs, Florida

Manatee, snorkeler, passive observation, ©Carol Gratn

If that wasn’t enough screenshots and links to keep you busy, here is a screenshot of the magazine app. “Alert Diver”. It’s an excellent publication and looks great on my iPhone 6 plus! You can download my manatee cover from Winter 2014 and my article “Little Orphan Manatee” from Fall 2012.

Screenshot Alert Diver Magazine App – iPhone 6 Plus

Alert Diver, screenshot, app, iPhone 6 plus,

Ok! Stay busy with all these links and photographs! My next post will surely be about the manatees of recent days.

Best, Carol