Manatees–Catching Up

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Whew! I just got caught up on delivering photographs from this past manatee season! Now I get to work on finding more manatee photographs, like this one! What do you think this mom manatee is saying about the photographer to her young calf? Clearly, they are both checking me out…

Manatee Mother And Calf Pause To Check Out The PhotographerManatee Mom and Calf, inquisitive, gaze, clear Florida springs,

Many more intriguing manatee photographs await in my archives. I can’t wait to display more!  Of course, I had to finish delivering images to my very patient friends. Here is a sampling of some I burned to disk today and will be in the mail tomorrow! 

A Young Friend Shows Just How Cool It Is To Be Floating In The Lovely Three Sisters Springs!
Young snorkeler, underwater, cool, floating, clear blue water, This Mellow Man Is Completely Contented To Take It All In With Mom!Kayak, mother and child, enjoyment, Three Sisters Springs, Florida,

Cora Floating Calmingly Practicing Passive Observation With A Very Interested Manatee
Manatee, passive observation, snorkeler, blue water, peaceful

A Curious Female Manatee Wants To Be Near Meredith
Manatee With Meredith

OK, I’ll get back to sorting images so everyone can see more very soon! If you are like me you can’t get enough of cute calves with their manatee mothers! I do have more to come!

Best, Carol