Manatee Guides Trailer Wrap

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Manatees all over a huge trailer? You can thank Tim Martell of Manatee Guides for the concept of using three of my large-format photographs. I think this comes under the heading of “Only In Florida”. Here is what I’m talking about and I understand it has become quite the conversation piece in and around Ft. Myers, Florida. Trailer photos are courtesy Manatee Guides.

Manatees, Manatee Guides, trailer wrap, kayaks, left side,

Manatees, Manatee Guides, trailer wrap, kayaks,

Late in 2012, Tim contacted me with the idea of wrapping his kayak trailer in three of my manatee photographs with inserts of topside pictures he took during his tours. I was very impressed with the design company’s mock-up and we worked it out for me to license him three of my manatee images to use. These are the original photographs he chose:

Pictured in the kayak is my friend Stay Dunn, Owner of Manatees In Paradise an eco-friendly manatee tour company in Crystal River, FloridaManatee, split-level image, ©Carol Grant,

Manatee, split-level image, ©Carol Grant,

Manatee, green water red algae,, ©Carol Grant,

If you want to go see manatees by kayak in South Florida, I highly recommend Tim at Manatee Guides. Plus you can also get your picture taken by his iconic trailer 🙂 ! Seriously, Tim and I have something else in common. We have both been graduates of the Florida Master Naturalist Program for several years. I graduated in 2010 and I think Tim might have graduated even earlier than that. In addition, Tim Martell is a manatee hero as he personally saved a number of manatees from the deadly red tide of 2013. I’m proud to have some of my images helping his business! And it’s not just manatees you will see on his tours: dolphins, birds and an array of fish and invertebrates often show up.

Here are more views of the Manatee Guides trailer:

Right SideManatees, Manatee Guides, trailer wrap, kayaks, right side,

BackManatees, Manatee Guides, trailer wrap, kayaks, rear,

To anyone thinking of doing a photo wrap for a vehicle. They really hold up well! Look at how bright they after constant use for over a year and nine months in the strong Florida sunshine! And what a great photo op!

Kayaking Family – What A Photo Op!Manatees, Manatee Guides, trailer wrap, kayaks,

Best, Carol