Just Add Manatees

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Right now, as I am writing this, there are manatees moving into the freshwater spring areas around Crystal River, Florida. Yea! Their arrival is a gradual process though, so I thought you might like to see what Three Sisters Springs looks like right before the manatees arrive for the winter season.

October 24, 2014 – No Manatees Yet Enjoying The Three Spring Vents

Three Sisters Springs, no manatees yet,

March 27, 2014 – Note The Same Three Spring Vents In March!

Manatees, Three Sisters Springs, mom and baby, peaceful

The green lyngbya algae blankets areas invasively all around Crystal River. Even the lovely Three Sisters Springs is not immune. Note the difference at the end of the season in late March. Where did the lyngbya go? 

We have strong cold fronts and lots of manatees to thank for clearing out a lot of the mats of lyngbya algae from Three Sisters Springs. The huge tides in November that can make the freshwater quite green, also help to flush out some algae. When manatees move near the warm spring vents to rest, more algae is dislodged and flushed with the next series of high and low tides. Then the spring vents themselves can pretty much keep additional algae from growing, at least at Three Sisters Springs. Other springs at Crystal River have been overwhelmed and can’t keep up. We need to cherish Three Sisters for its beauty and functionality!

The Edges Of Three Sisters Springs In October. Too Much Lyngbya.

Lyngbya algae, Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, Florida


Even without manatees Three Sisters Springs is breathtakingly beautiful. Look at the magical light! Just add manatees and the recipe is complete!

Beautiful Springs And Light. Just Add Manatees!

Three Sisters Springs, light rays, no manatees yet,

Fun Can Be Had Even Without Manatees. Meredith And Benson Are Out For A Paddle!

Three Sisters Springs, Florida, Kayaking,

My next post will consist of recently arrived manatees!  Till then, Best, Carol

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  1. Thank you, so much, for the beautiful pictures and entries about Three Sisters Springs and manatees. The magic and wonder expressed are like a vacation to a peaceful, serene setting.

  2. Love love love it!!!! Thank you for the wonderful photos and educational info regarding springs!!!!

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