First Manatee of the Season

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About two weeks ago I was putting myself through some paces with a bit of preseason in-water camera practice, when low-and-behold a young female manatee appeared!

Hello There Young Lady!

This manatee was a little curious, but her primary goal back in Three Sisters Springs was to munch! She seemed to know exactly what she wanted for her vegan meal. I suppose her mother did a good job of showing her where early-season tasty bits were to be found.

Munching Under Cypress Tree Roots

Something’s Tasty On The Rocks 

YUM! Newly Submerged Tasty Greens At High Tide 

During manatee season there is hardly any food in the clear water springs. Manatees will then travel out to murkier spots, many along the Salt River, to feed. Early in the season, vegetation growing in the springs is enjoyed by manatees, probably not enough for sustainance but a good snack for a younger manatee none-the-less!

Foraging Near Submerged Cypress Tree Roots 

More Munching 

Young Female Manatee Pausing For A Look-See

Soon, manatees will be pouring into the springs. It was certainly a treat to meet a manatee who’s here before the rush!

Here’s a lovely parting shot when she was all done feeding and began to depart Three Sisters at a leisurely pace.

Bye For Now!

I have been to the springs a couple of times since, but alas…, no manatees. I got a lot of practice time in though, so I’m all set for the season that’s just around the bend!
Best, Carol