Blue Meets The Manatees

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He journeyed across land and the vast Atlantic Ocean. Crocheted by loving hands, he was imbued with a type of life-force that exuded compassion and kindness. I named him “Blue”…

To celebrate the new highest-ever manatee count released today, January 15, 2016, of 1,042 manatees in the Kings Bay, Crystal River and Homosassa Springs areas, here’s a story about this adventurous crocheted little siren, Blue ?. I’ll also attach today’s press release and two recent photos from this week when they were conducting the aerial manatee counts.

Safely Enconsed In His Diving Bell, Blue Meets His Young Manatee Cousin Out Front Of Three Sisters Springs. January 2014.

A Few Days Ago On Monday, January 11, 2016, A Young Manatee Calf Swims Back Into Three Sisters Springs (the day before the recent record aerial manatee counts). Blue Is Proud!

Have you ever experienced an act of caring so kind that it’s hard to articulate it? This happened to me when Elke messaged me on Facebook that she and her two twin boys, Maxime and Julien, had a manatee present to send me all the way from Germany to Florida! She said they all kissed it and sent it on its merry way! When he arrived I named him “Blue” and constructed the perfect diving bell for his underwater adventures!

Little Blue The Crocheted Manatee and Card All The Way From Germany! He Was Already Soaking Up The Rainbow Sun! 

Blue Entered A Diving Bell So He Could Meet His Cousins! Out Front Of Three Sisters Springs. January 2014. 

All The Manatees Were Curious About Blue! Taken Around The Sanctuairies Out Front Of Three Sisters Springs. January 2014.

Blue In His Diving Bell! 

Also A Lovely Birthday Greeting From Elke. How Thoughtful! Thank You!

With the record number of manatees visiting all the springs, there have been some closures of the back springs at Three Sisters Springs. This has occurred for the past few seasons as the numbers of manatees visiting the springs has increased. This day in January 2014 when Blue met his cousins, the back springs were also roped off for manatees only. But there were still plenty of manatees out front who were curious and wanted to meet Blue! Pick a cool day and even if the back springs are closed temporarily, you still have a good chance of meeting an engaging manatee out front.

Three Sisters Springs With The Closed Sign For Swimmers, But It’s OPEN For All Manatees Like This Fellow Entering. January 11, 2016. The Back Springs Opened Later In The Day.

Page 1 USFWS Press Release – Record High Manatee Counts!

Page 1 USFWS Press Release Record Manatee Count

Page 2 – USFWS Press Release
So there is much cause for celebrating the record high manatee numbers in and around the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge. Blue is thrilled! And so am I! The high adult manatee to calf ratio of 6:1 shows Crystal River is an inviting safe haven.

Oh and I still owe Maxime and Julien a story about “Manatee Play”. I am still gathering material as there are so many ways manatees play! Two of the young stars are these two little girl manatees. For Maxime and Julien I named them Lucille and Joanna, names they specially picked out. So still lots of manatee tales to come!

Sneak-peek Lucille and Joanna, Two Little Girl Manatee Calves Playing With Anything That Looks Like Fun Outside the Front Manatee Sanctuary, Three Sisters Springs. January 2014.

More to come…! Best, Carol

5 thoughts on “Blue Meets The Manatees

  1. Are there going to be copies of Blue for sale? Would love to have one. I collect anything manatee . I even have a manatee tattoo.

  2. Great story Carol! Hope I get to meet Blue while I’m on Manatee Watch. Sorry I haven’t seen you yet this season. I’m still out there at Three Sisters every other Wednesday afternoon. They have us rotating now between 3SS and King Spring.

    • Bud, I’ll look out for you! I’ve taken this week off as I had been a little under-the-weather, but I’ll look for you soon! Thank You!

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