Benson At Three Sisters Springs

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Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, is a gem amongst Florida’s lovely natural springs. If you have followed the news lately surrounding the springs, some more restrictions reducing the number of in-water visitors are going to be implemented. Although remember, the nice boardwalk will continue to be open for above water viewing. I just pray the natural, magical beauty that is the essence of Florida’s jeweled freshwater springs, remains intact. Luckily, manatees can still be viewed from kayaks and in-water at a number of other spring sites around King’s Bay, including just out front of Three Sisters Springs.

Reminiscing on all the magical times I and my friends have had at Three Sisters Springs, this memory of my friend Meredith and her dog Benson, is one of the happiest and most poignant.

Benson & Meredith Wishing Me a Happy Birthday at Three Sisters Spring: Feb. 11, 2015

A number of weeks ago, in a situation hard to understand, Benson succumbed to a venomous snake bite even while receiving the best veterinary care. The poison was too strong. It is my belief he died a hero! Benson was always looking after my dear friend Meredith and I’m sure he was tackling the snake to make it safe for her!

Meredith wants Benson’s memory to live on. I was very pleased to learn a photograph I took of Benson with Meredith while kayaking is among photographs right at the entryway of the new Crystal River Visitor’s Center on Suncoast Blvd.

Benson & Meredith Greeting Everyone at the New Visitor’s Center! 

Here’s the first set of images greeting everyone. Besides the photograph of Benson and Meredith, I also took the one of Meredith smiling underwater with the curious manatee and the five-generations of family fishing the flats.

Some More Photographs Greeting Visitors   

Welcome Wall with Map of Citrus County. I Imagine this Map Will Show More Landmarks and Current Events (the center is new and still being designed)   

Another of My Photographs Displayed

Pick Up Your Free Copy of the Official Visitor’s Guide. The Cover Plus a Number of My Other Photographs Are Included 

While You’re At It Catch Some Video and a Slideshow Screen (this photo was of a very playful baby manatee and a polite friend observing) 

So go smile at Benson, help his wonderful memory live on and learn about the fantastic things to do and see in Citrus County! Here’s the new address:

Citrus County Visitor and Conventions Bureau

915 N. Suncoast Blvd

Crystal River, FL 34429

Best, Carol

PS – I’m using the WordPress Mobile App for this entire post. Finally, I got the strange “parser error” sorted out. I’ll be able to update everyone more frequently now with the mobile app! I hope everything looks OK!

2 thoughts on “Benson At Three Sisters Springs

  1. I am so happy the visitor center is finally open! I have watched that building go from one thing to another for years and can’t imagine a better use for it! Excited to stop in and see what you’ve done. I am also very happy about the new restrictions, I realize a few businesses may suffer, but this is so very important for the preservation of the springs so all future generations may enjoy their beauty as well.

    • Thanks Lisa! Yes, the new Welcome Center is also next to the Chamber of Commerce. A great use of that building space! And… Long Live Three Sisters Springs and its natural beauty!

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